Outstanding Features of Office 2019

Microsoft has finished the latest version of its popular Office package. After extensive testing, “Microsoft Office 2019” can now be purchased or downloaded. Users don’t have to get used to the new features over at this website in everyday life, but still get a number of useful new features.

With Office 2019, the new Microsoft Office version is available as an offline version without a subscription. This version has no subscription obligation or forced connection to the cloud. As before, the software package can be purchased and is then permanently available. Interested parties can download a trial version of Office 2019 Professional from us.

Office 365 users can now also subscribe to the new 2019 edition.

This is basically the same version, but with some minor differences. For example, new features will also be integrated into Office 2019 in the future via an update, but Office 365 subscribers will have the advantage of receiving them first. Many update enhancements are also expected to be released exclusively for Office 365. Of course, Microsoft will provide security updates for Office 2019 and Office 365 alike.

According to official information, Office 2019 will only be supported on PCs with Windows 10. Those who use Office 365 can also use it under Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. This suggests that the general operation of Office 2019 on older versions of Windows is not desirable, but nevertheless possible.

Microsoft offers only 7 years of support from Office 2019. This consists of 5 years of normal support and 2 years of extended support. Officially, Office 2019 will be supported until 14 October 2025.

Click-To-Run Installer

Office 2019 is brought to PCs exclusively with the Click-To-Run Installer. MSI files are no longer supported. On German computers, this installation variant also bears the designation “click-and-lose file”. Professionals can also intervene in the installation here, but not as easily as before with the response files. If you want to adapt your Office installation, you have to change your mind.

You cannot customize the installation in Office 2019 with on-board tools, but you need the free Office 2019 Deployment Tool. In the archive you will find the two files “Configuration.xml” and “setup.exe”. With the file “Configuration.xml” you control which Office programs should be installed or not. Other settings can also be specified there.

Customizable Menus

As with every new version of Office, the changed user interface is noticeable, but even beginners should be able to cope with it quite quickly. As with Office 2016, Office 2019 programs also start with their start page, which has been given a new look. In the future, Office files that users have shared via the cloud will also be found here.

Microsoft has not modernized the options customization window in the new version. Here, the options and views still largely correspond to the previous versions. Of course, cloud functions such as the connection to LinkedIn or the control of options for working on Office documents at the same time have been integrated into the options.

Once a document has been created, the interface in Office 2019 looks almost identical to the previous options in Office 2016. In addition to the new menu options, Microsoft has also provided new designs. These can be selected in the options on the “File” tab under “General” via “Personalize Microsoft Office copy”. By default, Office 2019 uses the “Color” design. In Office 2019, the “Dark Grey”, “Black” and “White” themes can still be selected.

The option “Provide feedback with sound” is available in the options under “Facilitated operation” under “Feedback options”. Classic or modern sound options can be activated for this purpose. If the Read aloud function is activated, the reading speed can be adjusted in the menu band.

New functions in tried and tested programs

Microsoft has integrated new drawing functions in the various Office programs, as well as more charts and formulas in Excel. The spreadsheet in Office 2019 should be better suited for the analysis of data. Excel, for example, receives the new menu item “Publish to Power BI” on the “File” tab under “Publish”.

After the first publication PowerBI can be updated permanently. PowerBI is an analysis solution that Microsoft has integrated with Office 365. Various data sources can be connected to these to analyze their data. Excel works closely with PowerBI to view and process prepared data.

Pictograms are available in Office 2019 that correspond to the clipart from the predecessor programs. These can be found in PowerPoint via the “Insert” tab. The pictograms provide modern icons for Office documents. Pictograms can be customized. This also applies to the color and format of the pictogram. In addition, the picograms are scalable in size.
The “Learning tools” can be found in Office 2019 programs via the “View” menu item. With the learning tools, the column widths and colors can be adjusted and other settings made. Loud reading aloud is also possible in this area. This does not format the document, but only adjusts the view so that reading is easier.
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