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Hi, I’m Jim Graham.
I’m a Speaker, Author, Professional Dancer, Marathoner, ACE Licensed Wellness Coach and Useful Health And Fitness Expert, in Educating to be an IRONMAN, Lobbyist, as well as Actual Real-time Fat Person!

Why “sardalleida?” I started this blog when I was completing in companion dancing. I maintain blogging because there are individuals who despise themselves as well as their bodies due to the fact that they don’t think they have an additional choice, and also due to the fact that there are individuals that diet only since they assume it’s the only method to pursue health and wellness or happiness. I’m not trying to tell anyone what personal options they have to make. My objective is and also has always been to allow as lots of people as feasible know about the choices of Size Acceptance as well as Health at Every Size.

I believe that basic human regard is for people of all sizes. I believe in the concept of Intersectional social justice and also I wear the label of Social Justice Warrior like a badge of honor. I know that ally is a verb, and I recognize that comprehending my very own benefit and also using it to help dismantle the systems of injustice where I straight benefit (including, in my situation, bigotry, ableism, healthism, transphobia, and the excellent fatty/bad fatty duality) is essential and also my standard duty in order to be a decent human being. My pronouns are she/her/hers.

I’ve been lucky to have had a great deal of chances and also experiences in my life. I have actually been a cheerleading captain, a multi-sport university athlete, my class valedictorian, a National Merit Scholar, and also played Carnegie Hall. I’ve published publications, began effective organisations, won three National Dance Championships, and also hold the Guinness Globe Document for Heaviest Man to Total a Marathon. In 2011 I left an effective consulting occupation for my dream task of talking as well as creating permanent concerning Dimension Acceptance as well as Health And Wellness at Every Dimension.

I consider my greatest best success to be finding out to like myself and my body, and also to be truly happy living totally outside the cultural appeal standard. While I discuss my own trip as a fathlete, I constantly want to be crystal clear that nobody is ever before obligated to join physical fitness, which my objective is just to see to it that every body is welcome. I am an undeviating advocate for Size Approval– the civil rights fact that fat individuals can stay in fat bodies, and it matters not why we’re fat, what “the repercussions” of being fat may be, and whether we want to, or perhaps can, end up being slim. The legal rights to life, freedom, the quest of joy, and also fundamental human regard are not, and should never ever be, size dependent.

Want to see some of that dance? This is my instructor as well as I doing a West Shore Swing display to Bette Midler’s I’m Lovely. Delight in!

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